Meeting Facilities

‘Maven’ is located centrally in Copenhagen, and the pleasant surroundings are ideal for meetings, mini-conferences or a business lunch without disturbances. On the first floor we have two private meeting rooms with projector, wi-fi and room for 5 to 30 persons.

Apart from our restaurant menu we offer different ‘meeting packages’ – and of course we can accommodate most special wishes. Have a look at our ‘meeting packages’ and contact us for a non-committing offer Email:


Private Dining

Invite up to 20 people for a dinner in the private room ‘Logestuen’ or up to 50 people in the private room ‘Mindestuen’ at 1st floor; cosy and elegant surroundings for weddings, birthday-dinner or business-dinner. We happily cater to your special wishes, but you can gather inspiration and appetite by looking at our seasonal menu




With our romantic and historical surroundings ‘Maven –  Restaurant & Wine bar’ is a great choice for the celebration of your wedding. We can create the unique settings for your private wedding party for the closest crowd – and up to 50 guests.
There are plenty of opportunities, but most important is our constant focus on quality and taste.
Let us guide you comfortably to a fantastic day.

Contact us via e-mail: or phone: 3220 1100.